Amnesty, Selling Women and Selling Women Out.

Amnesty International is a human rights organization, yet in its vote to decriminalize prostitution, it is ignoring the human rights of women and girls to be free from all oppression and exploitation.

Decriminalization is simply sanctioning this.

Evidence shows that decriminalization of prostitution (In countries such as Germany) has led to an increase in human trafficking into the sex trade. In the UK the use of prostitutes has doubled in ten years, and when demand increases so does trafficking to meet that demand.
Women and girls are involved in almost 80% of trafficking cases worldwide, with sexual exploitation a factor in nearly 90%.
20 million women and children have been trafficked into the global sex trade.
Consent is not necessarily obvious,or the concern of johns and the care of pimps. Consent is not the same as choice, with many women within the sex trade suffering from poverty, migration issues or vulnerable because of violence, intimidation, previous sexual abuse and addiction.

Exploitation of women and girls won’t stop until we all refuse to buy into the lies of the sex trade, the johns, the pimps, the patriarchs and END DEMAND.

Prostitution affects all women. When you sell one woman you sell us ALL. We are all reduced to commodities.

Amnesty you are not only sanctioning the selling of women, but you have sold women out.


3 thoughts on “Amnesty, Selling Women and Selling Women Out.

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    • Hello Chris. You see I do listen to survivors, many women I know are exited women. I also know, as I said, that choice is a loaded term in that prostitution is often a result of poverty, abuse and previous abuse, drug addiction and so on. I also don’t consider your choice, as you put it, as a priority – no, my priority is for all the women and children who have been abused, raped, murdered and trafficked thanks to this trade in human beings and how it turns all women into perceived commodities for male use. I suggest you should listen to the extreme harm this cruel trade does to so many women, even if you don’t consider yourself to be harmed. And good luck to you in your life – really.

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