On being pro ‘sex work’

1. It’s very trendy to be ‘pro sex work’ – it’s seems very ‘progressive’ and ‘free thinking’….
2. If you focus on those who ‘choose’ prostitution, the rest…the kidnapped, trafficked, tortured, raped, murdered, seem to fade away somehow…
3. You ignore the fact that ‘choice’ is actually loaded anyway in a misogynistic, racist, white supremacist, patriarchal society
4. You don’t focus on the fact former abuse, addiction, DV, poverty, coercion, lack of resources and opportunity etc often form part of that ‘choice’
5. You kid yourself that the sex trade is a solution to economic inequality for women and poverty as a female issue…
6. You tell yourself it’s a job like any other (where abuse, torture, rape, murder is a daily reality).
7. You blame feminists for bringing up uncomfortable truths. This is the real violence!
8. You get kudos from men, your opinions are validated for once…..
9. You write academically about ‘sex work’, but the reality is you’d never ever really want it for your own daughter ….

10. And you tell yourself that the idea of buying a woman does not uphold patriarchy, perpetuate male violence or harm all woman and womanhood as a whole……


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