Letter to my MP on report on Transgender Equality


To _______________ MP

As a resident of ____ ,I’m writing regarding my serious concerns for the future safety of women and girls both in this local area and nationally. There are presently plans within  proposed transgender rights legislation, highlighted by Conservative MP Maria Miller,  which in my opinion are at odds with the rights of the general population of women and female children. See document below:


My major concern is the issue of access to existing women-only spaces. While recognising the rights of all to be free from harassment and violence, my concern is that these proposals will actually increase the threat to women/girls within publicly designated  spaces such as changing rooms and toilets. The very reason such spaces exist is to lessen the threat of (male) violence to women, enabling their use of public areas.
The term ‘transwoman’ may include a variety of people, not just transexuals and those living with gender dysphoria. It is commonly used by  those who have not had any form of medical intervention or have any intention of doing so. There is also lobbying for gender identity to be assumed by anyone without the need for any kind of medical acknowledgement. By definition, self-identifying as a ‘woman’ and accessing female-only space is potentially open to any man.
The reality is that this situation WILL  be abused and women and children will be harmed as a result.
I do recognise the right to public safety for all, and therefore I support a solution which aims to help all – such as tackling the male violence inherent in the whole issue of public safety and by providing separate safe space for trans people. Highlighting this does not mean I am transphobic, any more than noting the very real issue of male violence is misandrist. Nor does it suggest I believe all ‘transwomen’ are abusers.
As women and girls constitute more than half the population in the UK, I believe this is a serious issue and the role of our MPs is to prioritize ALL citizen’s safety. Rather than seeing this proposed legislation as progressive, however, I view it as a hugely regressive step for a society in which the rights of women have been and still are being hard fought for.
Please can you help by standing up for the rights of ALL. Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

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